Listings for KSR Young Adult Books, starting June 7th

Want your book included?

Normally, for just $25/week ($150), your book would get eight weeks of publicity across all of Lone Star's platforms: website, newsletter, and social media. 




Because our mission is to support and promote Texas authors and Texas books,

we're offering the Kids' Summer Reads as a Pay-What-You-Can Promotion.


We'd rather provide a variety of high quality books for our readers' perusal than a few select titles that only a select-few could afford to market. 


To have your book(s) included,  email

and provide the following:

*Book title & author

*3 Ps: Publisher, Page Count, Pub date

*Book Categories

*Up to 125 word book description

*Link to preferred point-of-sale

*High-resolution JPG or PNG image of the book cover

*Price you are able to pay