Are you a Texas blogger? Are you interested in supporting Texas books? 

Then you've come to the right place; consider joining the 

Lone Star Book Blog Tours Team!


What does LSBBT do? The LSBBT team supports Lone Star Literary Life and welcomes: 

       - Books written by Texas Authors,

       - Books about Texas/with Texas settings, 

       - Books by Texas Publishers, and 

       - Books by Texas authors and Texas publishers that are often setting neutral.

The LSBBT Team takes books on 10 day blog tours, with each team member posting either a promotional post, special feature (like author interviews, guest posts, or graphics), or book review. 



How is it done? For each tour, a sign-up sheet is provided and bloggers select the date and type of post they'd like to have on their blogs. All the content is provided to the blogger by LSBBT, with the exception of book reviews. Books are provided to the blogger reviewers, but the bloggers must write their own review content and give their honest opinions.




What are the incentives for bloggers? 

       - early peeks and copies of some of the latest Tex-centric books;

       - increased traffic and exposure for your blog;

       - Blogger Bucks* (via PayPal or Gift Cards) for each post;

       - monthly giveaways for LSBBT team members who promote the tours on social media outlets and/or post their reviews to Goodreads and Amazon; and

       - finders' incentives for bringing in new, qualified bloggers to the group.


*The Blogger Bucks amounts are too small to be considered payment for your services and are more a thank you gift for your help.  Over a few months, they can add up to a tidy sum, though!


Should I be concerned about receiving incentives?   Not at all! Just like professional reviewers who write for major publications, the Tour Director's and Bloggers' incentives -- whether received via PayPal, Gift Cards, or Contest Entries -- NEVER come directly from the author or publisher.  LSBBT Bloggers are supporting the online media site Lone Star Literary Life.

Anything else? You must have an established blog and social media following and preferably, a Facebook account to be part of the team. There is an application process that includes a questionnaire, and if you are invited to join the team, there is also an agreement to sign. 


Apply to be a member of the Lone Star Book Blog Tours Team or email for more information.