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Lone Star Lit's team of professional editors can help make your book the best it can be.  We offer three levels of editing:


1 - Developmental Editing - this is a comprehensive edit to help with the content's structure, organization, and coherence. This is the step where the editor will suggest paragraphs be rewritten, expanded, condensed, or even deleted. Usually there is at least one revision included (meaning the editor does the developmental edit, returns the manuscript to the author, the author revises it, and then the author returns the manuscript to the editor; repeated when necessary). This level editing will take up to eight weeks from start until the author has a manuscript which is ready to be formatted. 


2 - Copy Editing - if a developmental edit has been performed prior to Lone Star receiving the manuscript, the editor takes the manuscript and corrects SPAG errors (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) and problems with style, redundancy, and word use. Again, there is usually one revision included.  This level editing will take up to five weeks from start until the author has a manuscript which is ready to be formatted for printing.


Between steps 2 & 3, authors might have beta readers and/or peer review updates/corrections to the manuscript.   At this point, the manuscript will need to be sent for cover and interior formatting,

which is not a service provided by Lone Star Literary Life 


3 - Proofreading - this is a one-pass reading of a formatted manuscript for final correction of SPAG and minor errors missed or created by revisions and feedback that occurred between steps 2 & 3 and any formatting issues. A proofread can be completed in a month or less. 



*If at any step in the process the editor determines errors exceed the amount expected for the contracted level of editing, editorial work will stop and the author will be contacted. 

*Final turn-around times are dependent upon: 1) how many revisions are made between editor and author, and 2) how quickly the author returns corrections to the editor.

*Pricing is determined by the level of editing required and the page count, based upon the industry average of 250 words per page. 

*In keeping with Lone Star Literary Life's mission of serving the Texas literary community, our rates are lower than most freelancers' (and significantly less than other professional services).  Our editorial team agrees with the mission and is willing to work at discounted rates for Lone Star clients. 


Please email for more information.