Texcentric on purpose

Lone Star Literary Life is dedicated to the idea that Texas readers and writers deserve their own lair—a virtual speakeasy of letters where wordsmiths and bookworms are embraced as part of our state’s reading and writing community. So, howdy and welcome. You seem like our kind of folks.

Coverage as diverse as the state itself

From Hereford to Houston, Texline to Texarkana, Texas is a state with a half a dozen sprawling metropolises, another dozen or so mid-sized cities, and a whole bunch of towns with populations 10,000 or fewer. But there are book and bookstores, authors and readers, festivals and libraries and readings everywhere. Use us to find out what's going on in Austin or Nacogdoches or your neck of the woods.

Putting a stake in the ground for books

We want to challenge the world of books in Texas to be better-—to support its librarians, booksellers, writers and readers, and to boost literacy statewide.

We invite you to subscribe (for free), read (on Sundays if you’re at home, at midweek if you’re in the office), and share. Our mix of editorial and advertising content is designed to inform and educate. And sometimes even to inspire.

Texas-sized discoverability

With Lone Star Literary Life, if you don’t know about Texas books, it’ll be your own fault. We’ll have advertising, e-newsletters, book blog tours, podcasts, reviews, calendars, stories, photos, and interviews.

A big ol’ welcome mat

This is a non-exclusive club, and it’s open to everyone who loves Texas books.


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