Thirty winners to be published in online anthology

“No one sleeps in this room without the dream of a common language”—Adrienne Rich


Dallas writing center The Writer’s Garret has announced thirty winners in their Common Language Project: Fortune. Thirty winners will be published in an online anthology, which will be free for the public to download, and receive $50 prizes; ten of these poets will be selected to participate in a public reading of their work.


And your winners are:

Marisa Adame "social media: a lament"

Katherine Baxter "And Thus, We Lived"

Gayle Bell "Solomon Contemplates"

Kshounish Bhadra-Bhaduri "</3"

Eve Castle "Fate of the Granaliero"

Dan Collins "Disclosure (I remember fireflies fondly)"

PW Covington "The Cadence of Revelation"


des Anges Cruser "Decision"

Patricia de Villiers "Venture"

Clint DeCamp "Journey"

Alan Gann "Graffiti"

Olivia Hadams "When Black Magic Lives"

Ann Howells "Circe Reflects Upon Her Life"

Lisa Huffaker "Still Trying"

Paul Koniecki "fortune favors the rich"

Kari Lynch "we used to sing, America."

Adam Mahout "The Last City of Pomegranates"

Susan Mardele "Prescience"

James Mendur "Saying Goodbye to My Dog"


Rylee Moore "A Disclosure On Life"

Matthew Nelson "Window of Opportunity"

Sir Lawrence Pickens "The Unforeseen Journey"

Gayle Reaves-King "A Vocabulary For The New Age"

Priscilla Rice "Loba (Self-Sacrifice, Self-Love)"

Christopher Stephen Soden "Icarus"

Kristan Taylor "Tiny Goldmine"

Clara Bush Vadala "what we mean when we say passionate"

Troy Shizuo Yamaguchi "Islanders"


Submissions were open to poets in the North Texas area. All thirty keywords were required to be used, in any order but without changes in tense or form. Poems could be no longer than thirty lines of text. Submissions were anonymous and judged by Tamitha Curiel, Princess McDowell, and Mark Noble.


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