Inspiring Your Creativity

"The time has come to look deeper and discover personal ways to spark our creativity."


We’ve all been there. Deadlines hover over us for our writing project. A tingling in the pit of our stomach borders on nausea. We settle into our favorite chair and wake up our computer. Pull up our unfinished manuscript. Position our fingers on the keyboard. And nothing. 


We read the pages we wrote the day before. 

We dive into our favorite source of caffeine. 

We add more M&Ms to the empty bowl on our desk. 

We read the blogs on how to get past writer’s block. 


One writer jogs three miles. 

Another pulls weeds. 

Read a few excerpts from a bestseller. 

Watch a movie. 

Take a walk. 


Still, for some writers those ideas might not work. A twinge of fear sets in, and you frantically search for words that are chained deep inside your mind. 



The time has come to look deeper and discover personal ways to spark our creativity. Look at ten out-of-the-box ways to break out of writer’s block. 


  1. Play with kids under the age of six. These little people have imaginations that soar into places we adults are afraid to go. A boy crouches on the sofa in the Spider-Man position. A girl closes her eyes and sings from the latest Disney Princess movie. Pose a story line and let them finish it. 

  1. Jump into the pool—with goggles. Look at the world beneath the water. What do you see? What do you feel? How can your writing take an unusual dip? 

  1. Study the world of a hummingbird by spending time around a feeder. Who’s in control? Picture yourself miniature size and climb on board a hummingbird’s back.  

  1. Clean your garage. When I do this, I find things I’ve lost and things I wish I hadn’t found. Have your character do the same. How do his/her discoveries enhance the storyline? 

  1. View a cooking show where competition and a time limit mean high stakes. Study the cooks’ emotions. What are the successes and failures? Where does their conflict take your character? 

  1. Plan a vacation, the one that’s at the top of your bucket list. Create a budget, research flight availability, consult the climate and weather, and decide who will accompany you. What about your character, can he/she use this information? How would their itinerary be different? 

  1. Visit a zoo. Take your time to study birds, animals, and reptiles. Their habits and peculiarities can force the writer to take an unusual approach to story. 

  1. What makes you laugh when you shouldn’t? Put your character in a setting where laughter is forbidden or embarrassing. 

  1. Climb a tree. And if that means using a ladder, do so. What does the world look like from that tree? Close your eyes and imagine living in a tree house. What would you need? 

  1. Imagine learning you came from an alien planet. What is your superpower? Who/what is your nemesis? How does your character feel about being in the same situation? 


Maybe some of these ways to shake off the chains of writer’s block will appeal to you. Take a huge breath, try something new, and watch your fingers race over the keyboard with the next great American novel.  

DiAnn Mills is a bestselling author who believes her readers should expect an adventure. She weaves memorable characters with unpredictable plots to create action-packed, suspense-filled novels. DiAnn believes every breath of life is someone’s story, so why not capture those moments and create a thrilling adventure?

Her titles have appeared on the CBA and ECPA bestseller lists; won two Christy Awards, the Golden Scroll, Inspirational Reader’s Choice, and Carol Awards contests.