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Originally aired October, 2019






Black Man in the Huddle

Stories from the Integration of Texas Football

By Robert D. Jacobus


“What was it like for young black men growing up in a totally segregated environment and transitioning to an integrated one?” asks author Robert Jacobus. Searching for the answer to this and other questions, Jacobus interviewed some 250 former players, former coaches, and others who were personally involved in the racial integration of Texas public school and college athletic programs. Interlaced with historical context and abundantly illustrated, the first-person accounts presented in Black Man in the Huddle form an important and lasting record of the thoughts, struggles, successes, and experiences of young men on the front lines of desegregation in Texas schools and athletic programs.

Christine Brown is the Executive Producer of The Bookmark and Publicity and Advertising Manager at Texas A&M University Press.


Robert Jacobus - BA History (’89), MA History (‘94), University of Houston. Recently retired from teaching history and coaching volleyball, basketball, and tennis in Texas public schools, his last 10 years were spent teaching dual credit US History through Wharton County Junior College at Foster High School in Richmond, Texas.  He is currently an adjunct professor of history at Stephen F. Austin State University and now resides in Village Mills, Texas.