Romances highlighting the joy of later-in-life love

Romance is for all ages. From puppy love to mature love, stories abound.


Romance is for all ages. From puppy love to mature love, stories abound. This month’s featured books highlight the joy of later-in-life love.


The Felix Fiasco- a 40+ romcom novella


Beverly can't tell fine wine from cheap beer, particularly when it comes to men. Decades in the dating swamp have not sharpened her instincts.


Professionally, she's at the top of her game but ill-equipped to handle the devious forces sabotaging her career.


Family, friends, and her rescue pup intervene. Bev's uncanny canine deters unsavory suitors, while a cousin strives to end the chaos in her love life, and a friend steers the job crisis toward opportunity.


It's a delectable recipe for a fiasco. Bev is soon awash in temptations: a mysterious wealthy playboy, a muscular triathlete, a sexy neighbor, a handsome pizza-toting stranger, and a nerdy professor.


As Beverly seeks her later-in-life romance, she encounters trials, errors, and the sage wisdom of her pup. Will she ever learn that true love is only found by following the heart?


The heat level of The Felix Fiasco is PG13. No warnings are needed other than it may cause uncontrollable laughter. It’s available from major eBook retailers.



By day, Randi Devilkin is an administrator at a large public university. Her dream job is spinning tales that make people fall in love and be happy. Randi is the daughter of a third generation native Houstonian and the sister of two fourth generation Houstonians. She moved to Dallas two decades ago and considers herself bi-city (Houston/Dallas). All her stories take place in Texas. That wasn’t a conscious decision, but as there’s no better place, why not? Randi Devilkin novellas are romantic comedies with heart and snark. Sexy standalone stories feature grown-up women reviving their mojo while seeking their happily-ever-after. With wickedly inappropriate banter and irresistible men, these tantalizing tales of best-laid plans will leave you laughing and satisfied.



Imperfect Timing: a novel about second chances


For twenty years Chloe thought the perfect relationship hinged on good timing; until she ran into the guy with the worst timing ever.


It’s 1997 in sunny LA, and Chloe Stevens has recently arrived from Dallas, ready to conquer the golden coast and the real estate leasing market. But in a competitive field where contacts are everything, Chloe has none. She’s a quick study and goes from floundering to quickly zeroing in on business strategies, learning the lay of the land. That’s how she meets hot Los Angeles city planner, Zane Shepard.


The two discover an intriguing lust/love attraction with strong chemistry, eventually transforming it into the perfect relationship, or so Chloe believes. As her career continues to soar, Zane is getting restless working for the city. After a year, Chloe is ready to take the next step in the relationship: cohabitation. But instead, Zane blindsides her with their breakup.


After months of sleepless nights doubting herself, she blames their split on bad timing. She was ready to commit and he wasn’t. Keyed into her new mantra about picking future mates with matching timelines, she packs up her damaged heart and returns to Dallas. Chloe quickly lassos a new love interest, Trey Morgan, a boyfriend with good timing who seems ready to take the plunge.


Twenty years later, as Chloe has become more complacent, her comfortable world unravels when she discovers her marriage to Trey is riddled with infidelity, lies, and financial problems. Taking on a new job, she’s forced to confront her past and rebuild the confidence she had in spades earlier in life. At her lowest point, Chloe faces some unexpected romantic opportunities, but finds her good timing philosophy is severely tested.


Follow Chloe’s path from Los Angeles to Dallas, from youthful real estate superstar to attractively confused middle age, as she treks into some murky, heart-breaking, and humorous situations. Will Chloe take advantage of the second chances she’s offered? Hop on over to Amazon to find out.



Bobbie Candas is a Texas girl: grew up in San Antonio, went to school at UT in Austin where she earned her degree in journalism, and settled in Dallas where she raised a husband, two kids and a few cats. For years, she’s been involved in retail management, but has also really enjoyed writing, taking deep dives into the lives of her characters. In addition, there’s always time for reading. She keeps a stack of novels ready and waiting on her nightstand, with a few tapping their toe in her Kindle as well. She bounces around genres, snoops around the best-seller lists, and is always on the ready for a good recommendation.


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Maida Malby is still working on Samui Heat, Book 3 of her sweet and steamy Carpe Diem Chronicles series, by cooking, baking, rock climbing, and watching Thai romantic comedies. And writing, of course. She’s also preparing for her upcoming trip to Dallas for her first book signing in two years.