Treat yourself to two steamy new titles this October


For this National Book Month, it’s all treats, no tricks with our featured romance books. Both are set in fictional small towns in Texas, and both give former enemies a second chance to earn their happily-ever-after but in totally varying ways.  


Romantic Suspense 

You’re Next. 


Haley Bently was in the wrong place at the wrong time—and that moment changed her forever. After walking in on a masked man murdering her neighbor, Haley went back to the one place she swore she’d never step foot in again. Citrus Cove. 


The sleepy town hasn’t changed much, but the people have. Including her old high school bully, Cameron Harlow. 


He’s the last person she wants to see. He should be the last person she wants. 


But Cameron Harlow has been dreaming of the day he’d see Haley again, and wants to set things right. Their history makes her hate him, but he’s sinfully hot, has that sexy southern charm, and calls her sunshine. How can Haley resist him? 


When the danger she has been running from shows up in Haley’s hometown, Cameron becomes her sole refuge. Someone is watching her. Following her. They want her dead. 


From the ashes of their broken beginnings, all they want is a happy ending. But the killer has other ideas and the only way Cam and Haley have a future together is if they live to see it… 


Broken Beginnings, a high heat small town, romantic suspense story, is Book 1 of the Citrus Cove series. It’s free to borrow with Kindle Unlimited subscription. 


Clary Evans is the small-town romance pen name for monster romance author Clio Evans. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Clary loves writing, drinking coffee, and staying out of the sun (especially in the summer). 


Romantic Comedy 

Clementine Duvall should come with a warning label. 


She'd been a pain in his backside when they were adolescents and was a pain in his backside now. But training protection dogs was serious business and had no place for juvenile antics. 


It didn't keep her from insisting her method of training was better than his. Didn't matter that he was the expert and she the apprentice. Didn't matter that they were being forced to room together for six months. Didn't matter that his libido was at war with his brain. 


All that mattered was that he came out on top—no pun intended ... Maybe. 


The Bradford Brothers of Honky Tonk, Texas is a stand-alone series featuring cowboys who have swapped out ranching for small-town living. And not just any small town, but one with a colorful background and storefronts such as Pump & Grind Coffee Shop, Get the Hair Outta Here, Junk & Disorderly, and The Family Jewels. My Gallant Texan, Book 3 of the series, is a short, fun, he-falls-first, enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy and is available starting October 7.  


Dakota Lacoy, the creator of Just For Fun books, is Texas-bred and as country as they come. She loves reading quick pick-me-up romances during her lunch hour or before she goes to bed. Problem is, she can't find enough to feed her habit. So now, she writes them. And there's nothing she'd rather write (and read) about than cowboys. Their love of horses, the ladies, and wide-open spaces. Their tight denim jeans, snakeskin boots, and tall rangy bodies. Their colorful vernacular, old-school manners, and alpha male ways. 

Maida Malby is celebrating Filipino American History Month this October by publishing her latest romance anthology entitled Forevermore, a collaboration with nine other fabulous Filipino American authors. As always, she’s reading and reviewing books from her massive Mt. TBR and posting about them on her blog Carpe Diem Chronicles at Follow her on social media at either @maidamalby or @maidamalbyauthor.