Love stories that provide heat

As we close out the Month of Love, we continue to celebrate love of all kinds with these romantic stories.


We live in historic times. This month, Texas experienced record snowfall and a deep freeze that strained the state’s power resources. What’s not frozen is the people’s resilience and resourcefulness. What thaws the cold is the warmth of love and caring displayed by many during these trying times. As we close out the Month of Love, we continue to celebrate love of all kinds with these romantic stories.




It was hate-at-first sight between Karine Cooper and Dimitri Wincott. She thinks he’s rude, demanding, and arrogant. He is all that but he’s also her son’s uncle and the prince of Esterden. Karine has to cooperate with him or lose her son.


Dimitri is livid the moment he finds out about his late brother’s son, Mateo, a product of a short affair. Nevertheless, he has a responsibility to raise the boy in a manner befitting the heir to the throne. If only he knew what to do with his nephew’s all-too attractive mother: offer her a generous settlement to leave her son in his care or keep her in his bed. The Ultimatum is the first book in the Masquerade series.


Stephanie Morris is a USA Today bestselling author who enjoys creating stories that combine sensual energy with captivating storylines. In her opinion, there is nothing like curling up with a good book that you can’t put down, and she is addicted to writing them. Stephanie was born and bred in Texas. She’s lived here all her life; that’s why the Lone Star state is her favorite setting for her books. She currently resides in Dallas.




A chance encounter with a younger man wakes up Ruby’s sleeping hormones. With her lousy track record, can her heart handle another man walking out on her and her boys? 


When she took her two young boys to a baseball game, divorced, single-mom Ruby had no intention of flirting with a fellow fan. She did not expect to meet Eli Johnson. She thinks he’s too young for her and his abs are way out of her league. But she can’t resist his rough hands on her curvy body. Ruby’s boys enjoy hanging out with Eli, but surely he’s not ready to be a father—he’s not even thirty! She definitely doesn’t need a man, but does she want Eli Johnson?


The Perfect Fit is book one in the Gemstone Sisters series, contemporary adult romances, all releasing in early 2021. It’s free to borrow for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The interconnected series is set in Texas, and will follow three sisters, Ruby, Pearla, and Jade as they figure out life and love. All three will get their HEA’s, but love doesn’t always come easy for the Gemstone Sisters.


D. Lilac writes steamy, contemporary romance about adults over thirty facing real life issues. Her books are always set in her beautiful home state of Texas. D's writing is heavily influenced by her childhood love of soap operas. The Gemstone Sister's Series is just the beginning of an entire soap opera playing out in D's head.


Maida Malby survived TexasSnowmaggedon2021 with her husband and son by staying positive amidst rolling power outages, spotty internet connections, and lack of running water. Maida went old school and wrote longhand to add some words to her book Samui Heat, book three in her Carpe Diem Chronicles multicultural, contemporary-romance series. She hopes to write thousands more this spring to be able to publish in the second half of the year.