Two small town romances that are as hot as a Texas summer.


During this most patriotic vacation month, we celebrate outdoors with food and fireworks, but in the air-conditioned comfort indoors, we visit two fictional small towns where the Romance is as hot as the real Texas summer.  


Small Town Rom-Com 

Does Chevy have feelings for his sister’s best friend? Of course not.  


He wouldn’t dare, considering his sister once threatened to castrate him if he ever hurt Val. Hurting her is the last thing Chevy wants to do, which is all the MORE reason he can't have feelings for her. Val deserves the world, and he’s NOT the man who can give it to her. 


But when Val announces she's leaving town (and the country), Chevy is suddenly confronted with some very capital-F Feelings—ones that refuse to stay stuffed down deep where he’s hidden them for more years than he cares to admit. Having her crash in his guest bedroom until she leaves only makes things worse. 


Little by little, Val chips away at his defenses, and despite all the solid reasons he has, his resolve starts to crumble. The thing is, none of the circumstances have changed. Val is still planning to leave the country. 


And Chevy ... well, he might have gotten more in touch with his feelings, but he’s still the same man. NOT a man who can promise things like life-long commitment. NOT a man Val can count on. NOT the good guy everyone seems to think he is. 


If only Chevy could get Val and the rest of this nosy, meddling matchmaking town to believe him—and if his own stubborn heart wasn't trying to convince him otherwise. 


The Pocket Pair is a best friend's brother, friends to more rom com set in the fictional small town of Sheet Cake, Texas. Available now from Amazon. Free to borrow for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. 


Emma St. Clair is a USA Today bestselling author of over twenty sweet romance novels and romantic comedies. She loves sassy heroines, sweet romance, and a dash of humor in everything she writes. She lives outside of Houston in Katy, Texas with her husband, their five kids, and a Great Dane who doesn't make a very good babysitter. 


Second Chance at Love 

Former mean girl, Tish Martin, had it all growing up. Perfect house, great family, and more money than she could spend in a lifetime. Now, she’s returned to Tuscany divorced, in remission, and caring for an Alzheimer’s afflicted mother. 


Something has to go her way, right? Not exactly. After almost being killed in an attempted kidnapping, Tish literally runs into the arms of Sheriff Ethan Parker. 


The former Marine, Ethan, had his eye on Tish Martin when they were in high school, but she never gave him the time of day. Since he’d rescued her from a near death experience, they’ve been inseparable, but he knows Tish isn’t telling him everything about her time away. 


With her body in recovery and her broken heart healing, can she let Ethan in to help her heal? And will a secret she’s been keeping from him shatter their chances? 


Things are about to get hotter in Tuscany, Texas. 


Lone Star Love is Book 3 in the newly re-released series set in fictional Tuscany, Texas.  


Native Texan Patricia W. Fischer is a natural-born storyteller. Ever since she listened to her great-grandmother tell stories about her upbringing the early 1900s, Patricia has been hooked on hearing of great adventures and love winning in the end. 


After earning her journalism degree from Washington University, Patricia has been writing for multiple publications on numerous subjects including women’s health, foster/adoption advocacy, ovarian cancer education, and entertainment features. 


She spends her days with her family, two dogs, and a few fish while she creates a good story with a touch of reality, a dash of laughter, and a whole lot of love. 

As of this publication, Maida Malby recently returned from a family vacation to the Northeast and New England with new inspirations for her Destination: Romance stories. She’s preparing to release two new books this fall while continuing her attempt to scale her four-thousand-books-high Mt. TBR. You can find her reviews for Lone Star Lit Book Blog Tours on her blog Carpe Diem Chronicles at She’s on social media as @MaidaMalby or @MaidaMalbyAuthor.