Renewing belief in love and embarking on new relationships with hopes of happy ever after


With spring comes Easter, the season celebrating rebirth and new life. Our featured romance books this month reflect the same themes—renewing belief in love and embarking on new relationships with hopes of happy ever after.


Sports Romance

Savvy, feisty, and confident in their ability at being single parents, why are these two billionaires wanting more?

Professional football player, Axel Bledsoe, has packages arriving daily but not the kind that show up in a basket with a letter and snuggle blanket. He's not afraid of being a single dad, yet the potential romance with a pint-sized eco warrior terrifies him.

When it comes to men, Shiloh Parker has lost all faith in herself, as her baby daddy abandoned her after hearing that she was carrying his child. On a mission to prove that women really can have it all, she's juggling parenting, the family business, and a sizzling crush on an athlete that has her questioning everything.

Is it possible to prove that the best things in life are free?


Take Me Home is Book 7 of the Cockpit series. These books, co-written by Britney Bell and Hannah Blake, are available on multiple platforms.


Born and raised in West Texas, Britney Bell writes what she knows and loves—sports and contemporary romance about football and cowboys. Two of her series—Texas Tornados and My True Heart--are set around the Dallas area.



Fake Relationship

She thinks she’s already had her one shot at real love. Can he prove her wrong?

Hunter is gun-shy to invite a new relationship into his life after his recent attempt to rekindle an old flame ended badly and his daughters have displayed strong reactions to his ex-wife bringing a new man into the picture. After seeing what adding someone new into their lives means, Hunter fears what adding someone else to the mix will do.

Annie is preparing to travel to her hometown in Tennessee for the first time in years. Her best friend is marrying her brother, which is about the only thing that could possibly make her willing to set foot near her toxic family and her devastating past again. Those are old wounds better left unopened.

To avoid another unwanted attempted setup from her wicked stepmother and serve as a buffer between her and her nasty stepsisters, Annie needs to bring a date for the wedding festivities. Hearing that her boss, Hunter, will be alone that week, she invites him along. Hunter, a sucker for a damsel in distress, agrees to go and they embark on a fake-relationship journey that will leave them both forever changed.


Sly Man Gray is Book 3 in The Big Man Blue small-town romance series set in Texas and is widely available where you buy your books.


Nicole R. Locker is a social worker by day and author by night, writing about strong women and the hunky heroes brave enough to take them on. She’s an avid lover of pit bull softies, Scottish accents, and audiobooks. She lives in Lubbock, Texas, with her nephew and three dogs.

Maida Malby is out of the writing cave and is incredibly excited to meet readers in person again. She’ll be signing her Carpe Diem Chronicles books in Virginia, Chicago, and New York this spring. Check out her website for details