Senior sleuths on the hunt to solve murder mysteries


Welcome to Texas Reads Mysteries, where I get to share my love of books. This month I have two cozy mystery series I found particularly endearing. Intriguing stories with characters that hit close to home. Of what do I write? Senior citizen sleuths on the hunt to solve a murder mystery, that’s what!  



Hare Today Gone Tomorrow is the third book in the Tricycle Girls Mystery series by Texas author Pat Pratt. Readers were introduced to the self-proclaimed curmudgeon Helen Boyer Patterson and her band of Tricycle Girls in Old Jewels, followed by No Stone Unturned


Toes in the Tulips by Texas author Katherine H. Brown is the third Mystery Book Nook Shared World book. This multiple-author series revolves around a Texas bookstore, Mystery Book Nook. Other books in the series are Estate in Peril by Sue Hollowell and No Good Deed Unpunished by C. H. Sessums.  



Hare Today Gone Tomorrow 

By Pat Pratt 


“What connects two murders, a one-eyed dog, and squeeze cheese?” 


Self-proclaimed curmudgeon, Helen Boyer Patterson, is about to find out when the words “No Job Too Small” on her Tricycle Girls business card comes back to haunt her. 

She and fellow Tricycle Girls, Maggie and LeeAnne, are approached at Golden Harvest, the retirement village where they live, to find a lost item. The request comes from eight-year-old ReeAnn Walberg. The lost item is her best friend, Ariadne, who happens to be a stuffed rabbit. 

Murder, mayhem, and matchmaking follow and have the Tricycle Girls scrambling for answers. Time is running out. Will they be able to solve the case? 

Or will they, like Alice, tumble down a rabbit hole and get lost?  



About the Author 


Pat Pratt is a published author of four cozy mysteries and co-author of another novel with friend June Wetherell Frame, who authored thirty-one previous books.  


Pat mentors anyone interested in writing through multiple writing groups at the Waxahachie Senior Citizen Center and a critiquing group, Write On, composed of several local authors. 


Pat’s special project, which is near and dear to her heart, is helping her special needs grandson, Michael Gann, fulfill his dream of writing. They are in the process of publishing his second book. 



Toes in the Tulips  

By Katherine H. Brown 


Gladys is head over heels excited for the new community garden project. In fact, she's created a whole new event: the Community Garden Plant Potluck. The plant potluck is more popular than even she imagined until one of the community garden members is found toes up in the tulips, dead as can be. 

Gladys won't rest until the killer is planted in a jail cell and the Community Garden project is free to grow again. But when clues don't make sense, she might have to do a little out-of-the-box research using an interesting new resource, The Mystery Book Nook Forum, online. 


Don't miss this fun new adventure with some favorite characters! 



About the Author 

Katherine Brown is a Texas girl, weaver of words, and lover of books. Katherine has an amazing husband and stepdaughter, loves to read all things magical or historical fiction, and enjoys passing on that love of books to children.  


Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate chip. 


Favorite candy: mini M&Ms 


Favorite book: ha ha, yeah right, there are way too many wonderful books to choose from! 


My kind of books! 

Award-Winning author Anita Dickason writes crime thrillers and cozy mysteries. Twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department provides an unending source of inspiration for her plots and characters.