An intriguing cozy mystery series involving multiple authors


Welcome to Texas Reads Mysteries, where I get to share my love of books. I came across another intriguing cozy mystery series involving multiple authors. The premise, mysteries around a visitor, grabbed my attention. But beware, this Visitor brings more than just luggage. 




The Visitor doesn't invite mystery and mayhem to join her on her journeys. They just sort of show up as she tours the country to support her family's charitable foundation and spend time with her many siblings and friends. And she's getting quite a name for herself as a Nancy Drew wannabe, solving unexpected issues. Match wits with her as she attempts to unravel the mysteries and unexpected dramas that go with them. 


The Visitor Sees a Ghost by Lill Kohler 

Contemporary Mystery and Light Suspense (The Visitor Mysteries) 


What do an unmanned boat, 

a gardener's secrets, 

and ghostly crying have to do with murder? 


A person walking with luggageDescription automatically generated Kimberly McConil loves the old house she just bought, even if her twins seem to think she has no idea what she's doing with the renovations. She doesn't need her baby sister's help either, but Connie is only there to organize a fundraiser for the Wright Foundation. At least, that's what she says. 


Still, Kimberly is rather pleased to have her sister with her when the sounds of the house move from common to creepy. 

And then there is the man who tries to break in . . . 

Match wits with The Visitor as she unravels this knot of lies and the drama that it causes. 



About the Author 

Lill Kohler wears many hats: mother, grandmother, sister, nurse, writer, blogger, and aspiring gardener. Through her years as a military dependent, she developed a love of travel. Much of her free time is spent either visiting family or traveling with them on new adventures. Currently, Texas is her home state. In the midst of her adventures God called her to the path of writing. Before publishing the Way Out series she was published in Guideposts’ book Heavenly Company: Entertaining Angels Unaware and OakTara’s Falling In Love With You.  



The Visitor Catches a Bouquet by Marji Laine 

Contemporary Mystery and Light Suspense (The Visitor Mysteries) 


How do a bride-to-be, 

a retired principal, 

and a group of teenage volunteers add up to murder? 


A person walking with a suitcaseDescription automatically generatedConnie B. Wright is in the thick of it this time! Mackenzie Chastain is the spitting image of her Aunt Connie, and she's delighted that the Wright Foundation has agreed to host a huge event in support of Archway Kids. She has a special passion for the charity that has become her career path. Not to mention the handsome director who will soon become her husband. 


When the grand gala is interrupted by murder, though, Aunt Connie is the one who is led away to jail. Mac doesn't have her aunt's clue-driven investigative skills, but her loved ones are being scrutinized and blamed for the crime, one after the other. She must dig into the past of this man who seems to be an almost perfect stranger to all of them. Or is he? 


Match wits with The Visitor to reveal the path of a calculating killer.  



About the Author 


Marji Laine is a graduated home-schooling mom of four with her twin girls staying in the nest for a little while longer. She and her hubby of thirty-five years also share their North Texas home with a rescue pup named Rosie and their daughter's newest addition, a shepherd-husky mix named Anastasia. 


When Marji isn't editing or publishing the books for her authors at Write Integrity Press, she indulges in penning her own mystery, suspense, and romance novels. She can also be found supporting a local ministry with its publishing needs or helping other authors through her freelancing. 


She loves acting in musical comedy, has directed many stage productions, leads a ladies' Bible study, and sings alto in her church choir. She prefers mountains to beaches, dogs to cats, NASCAR to football, Tex-Mex, Magnolia pie, white roses, all shades of blue and green, and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. 


Award-Winning author Anita Dickason writes crime thrillers and cozy mysteries. Twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department provides an unending source of inspiration for her plots and characters.