Two tales of intrigue and buried secrets to entice and enthrall


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What mystery lover can resist the lure and intrigue of buried secrets? Dare I say, a skeletal finger beckons, or is that my author’s wild imagination? The question enticed me to add Ghost Bones and a Clover Covered Corpse to my TBR list.  



Ghost Bones 

The Alice MacDonald Greer Mysteries 

by Helen Currie Foster 


Alice Greer is relishing life, love, and her law practice in the small town of Coffee Creek, deep in the scenic Texas Hill Country. She’s even setting a wedding date with Ben Kinsear. Then local politics boil over, and suddenly Alice’s life turns hot—maybe too hot to handle. 
Retired judge Edwin Mahan asks Alice to take on two unusual tasks: supervise an archeology dig on his land and help publish his controversial history of Coffee County. His book describes murders on the judge’s property in 1847––involving dead Comanches, a dead horse, a deadly pistol, and two dead German immigrants. With no murderer caught, no trial was ever held. But Judge Mahan is all about “an accurate fact record.” When Alice and her barrel-racing assistant Silla discover the latest murder victim, it’s clear someone will stop at nothing to silence the dead and the living––including Alice. 

The iconic Hill Country setting, with its quirky characters, hidden springs and buried history, sets the stage for this legal thriller and for Alice’s desperate search for the murderer. Join Alice as she tangles with mystery, legal drama, and matters of the heart. Ghost Bones is Book 9 in the Alice MacDonald Greer Mystery series by award-winning author Helen Currie Foster.  


About the Author 

Award-winning author Helen Currie Foster lives and writes north of Dripping Springs, Texas, in the beloved Hill Country, supervised by three burros. She’s deeply curious about human history and prehistory and how, uninvited, the past keeps crashing the party. In her Alice MacDonald Greer mystery novels, small town lawyer Alice must unravel a murder with its roots in the past.  


Helen earned a BA from Wellesley College, MA from the University of Texas, and JD from the University of Michigan, where she grew fascinated with dirt and water law. After practicing environmental and regulatory litigation for thirty years, she found the character Alice had suddenly appeared. Helen’s active with Austin Shakespeare and Heart of Texas Sisters in Crime, and a member of the Hays County Master Naturalists, still trying to learn her native grasses. 


Clover Covered Corpse  

A Texas Flower Farmer Cozy Mystery  

By Jackie Layton 


Emma Justice never imagines working at the farmers market on a normal Saturday morning will lead to her second murder investigation. When two friends become suspects in the latest small-town murder, she’ll help prove they are innocent by tracking down the real killer. 
Houston Turner, the successful owner of Texas BBQ Hut, is a hard man and has made many enemies in his life. Revenge, greed, and hatred are some of the motives Emma must sift through to catch the killer. Seeds of suspicion from family, friends, and employees leave Emma digging for real clues instead of stumbling through the rocky soil of deceit and lies. 


About the Author 

Jackie Layton is the author of A Low Country Dog Walker Mystery series. She loves her life on the coast of South Carolina, and it inspired the setting for her series. Jackie also works as a compounding pharmacist. When she’s not writing, Jackie enjoys golf cart rides along the marsh and walks on the beach. She also enjoys traveling, especially to visit family in Kentucky and Texas. 


My kind of books! 

Award-Winning author Anita Dickason writes crime thrillers and cozy mysteries. Twenty-two years with the Dallas Police Department provide an unending source of inspiration for her plots and characters.