Youngest honoree to receive Legend of Texas Award


As a seventh-generation Texan and an award-winning author, Mary Virginia McCormick Pittman is a recipient of the Outstanding Achievement Poetry Award from the International Society of Poets and the youngest honoree to receive the Legend of Texas Award. Her poems have been published in numerous magazines and books. Her poetry collection includes images and colors relating to the verses.


McCormick Pittman is a child advocate, wildlife photojournalist and lecturer, international conservation researcher, wounded-warrior medical advocate, and an Arctic musher. Enjoy a sampling of her poetry, which she says is "dedicated to our warrior heroes of America." 



Oh, Courage, you mighty armored warrior

with battered, but untarnished shield,

whose purple crimson banners joyously wave

…steadfastly and forever.

Above the milieu of Deceit and Hate

Thou art the benevolent servant

To those who need thy healing care.


Oh, Soldier of Grace – Who walks with all…

Restore mercy, destroy despair.

You speak soft and true, yet bold and free

To mend the weak and make them strong,

To grip the foe from out a friend.


And I thank God and praise

All the mighty powers that be…

That ye have chosen to stop and dwell

in those deep caverns of that humble,

beating heart called me!

- - - - - - -  -


Oasis of My Soul


O, let me rest a moment

in the oasis of your arms…

To be shaded by the cooling palms of your spirit

and Protected by the

Strength of your embrace….

To be Renourished by the succulent nectar

of your kiss

and inspired by the depth

of your Desire.

O, Peace of Mind!

…My Only Love!

- - - - - - -  -


The Wind

Grow cold, you Wind – Blow high, blow low.

You unleash your fury. You shriek your scorn.

No mercy do you show – to those mortals below

Who live by God, His message they heed…

You strike them down – Why then, indeed,

Do they search for strength, when their

Fear grows wild.  Their wants and desires—

Ah, less do they seek… Weakness and

Disappointment, then, do they reap.

But discipline not, your wicked contempt,

The restful pleasure you seek—

To destroy man’s soul, you shall never do;

For Man shall abide, and You be the Fool!

- - - - - - -  -


If I Knew You

If I knew you, I would know the sunrise ritual

         where the dawn greets the day,

         the quiet lifting mist over a pinkened peak,

         the brightening sun, its journeys’ promise to keep,

If I knew you, If I knew you….


If I knew you, I would know the wind in the whispering pines,

         the soft green earth and the fertile soil,

         and the golden harvest of the ripened corn.

If I knew you, If I knew you….


If I knew you, I would know a thousand ways to say, I love you;

         To feel a caress born of tenderness

                  and blossomed to passion,

         To touch a face just chiseled to cherish.

If I knew you, If I knew you….


If I knew you, I would know the strength of one

         made ten-fold by two,

         the secret of the life as only God has blest,

         with you…to follow a path to happiness and Rest.

If I knew you, If I knew you….


If I knew you, I would know the Dust at my feet,

         the Wind at my back,

         the Sun in my face,

         and the Courage to live---

If I knew you, If I knew you….

- - - - - - -  -



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