Feast on a bounty of forthcoming Texas-connected titles.

Leaves and temperatures are falling (sometimes)! Whether you want to snuggle up with a charming romance, a chronicle of Texas history, a chilling mystery, or a crackling adventure, the Lone Star Lit November Texas Books Preview has a cornucopia of feast-worthy titles. 


Beneath the Surface (Danger is Destiny: Book 3)

Melanie D. Snitker


As the county's chief medical examiner, many of the bodies coming into the morgue hold a mystery that Genevieve "Eve" Marks is determined to solve. In discovering what happened to the victims in her care, she can be their voice when they are no longer able to speak for themselves. Until one particular body includes a message challenging her to examine the past and solve a puzzle before the killer strikes again. Detective John Paris is leading a murder investigation that's going nowhere. What he desperately needs is a break in the case. Unfortunately, that break comes in the form of another body that is obviously tied to the first. Even more disturbing than the idea that he may have a serial killer on his hands is the fact that the beautiful Eve Marks seems to be a target.



Cherokee Reel

James A. Humphrey


Lisa Waters, the social queen of Fort Smith, Arkansas, loses her sister to a political assassin and moves to Indian Territory, where she bonds with the First Lady of the Cherokee Nation. Constitutional strife rips her society and forces extremist choices. Married to a freedman, she organizes a freedom railroad and establishes a women’s rights organization only to lose her husband and tribe to politics. Vicious Civil War conflict reveals her sister’s murderer. Revenge and justice stimulate self-evaluation and propel the activist into an ultimate confrontation with her sister's murderer, the Confederacy's iconic general Standhope Watie. The battle defines her soul and completes the Waters families -- and their culture’s -- dance into a fresh century.



A Christmas Conundrum (A Liz Adams Mystery)

Stacy Wilder


Who’s stealing the holiday decorations? They’re disappearing like Christmas cookies from PeggyLou Designs, and Lou’s newly launched event planning service is in trouble. He implores his neighbor and friend, Private Investigator Liz Adams, to bring the thief to justice.




Troy Hollan


A deadly head-on collision took Matt’s wife from him. Who’s ultimately responsible? The owner of a corrupt chicken corporation. His court battle – lost. His world – shattered. With limited sailing experience and his trusted first mate, Hank, a senior rat terrier for company, Matt heads out from Corpus Christi Bay in a vintage sloop, trying to outsail his bad memories and find a path forward. A close encounter with a coral reef nearly wrecks his boat, a mishap that draws him away from his loosely-charted journey, up the Intracoastal waterway, and deep into the heart of Gullah Geechee country. Here, Matt will learn some terrible truths about the Colonel, and together with his friends, both old and new, find a way to fry the dastardly chicken king, once and for all.



Courting Miss Emma

Linda Broday


Texas, 1868. Emma Taggart has finally found a place to belong – setting up Heaven's Door orphanage with her sister Maura was a new beginning for her – and one she will do anything to protect. When guarded ex-army man Stone Landry buys the neighboring land and moves in - camels and all - Emma's world changes forever. He is an infuriating man who instantly gets under her skin - in ways she never dreamed possible, and despite herself, Emma starts to wonder if, just maybe, he is man enough to take on a Hangman's daughter. Can Emma find enough courage to trust in Stone and give her the life she's always dreamed of?


The Edge of Too Late

Jan Sikes


What's the point of having it all when you have no one to share it with? Brandon Miller has everything—except a commitment from the woman he loves. Angela Cooper has deep scars from a previous marriage. She's not interested in a do-over with Brandon or anyone. Yet, he arranges a romantic getaway to the historic Harbor Pointe Inn, where he plans to propose. Angela's got her camera in hand and ghosts on her mind, but they arrive to find a much more tangible horror. Accident or foul play? Angela becomes the next target, and when suspects can be worldly or otherworldly, danger and secrets lurk everywhere. Poised at the perilous edge of too late, Angela and Brandon face the fight of their lives.



Kitchen Heat (A Restaurantland Romance)

Kathleen McFall & Clark Hays


A waitress and chef, both newly divorced, struggle to mend their broken hearts and find love again. Crackling with offbeat humor and set in a funky restaurant in the 1990s, the novel features a colorful cast of customers, servers, cooks and dishwashers who regularly fall in and out of love (and bed). 


“A fun and flirty romance, left my heart full of hope and my stomach yearning for a Chef Clay brunch special.” 



Nadiri, A Novel

Amina Al Sherif


Follow Hagar Khalifa as she navigates growing up between two worlds. Caught between an American Christian mother and an Egyptian Muslim father, Hagar searches for her identity as she navigates the public Egyptian school system and subsequently the private American one. As she explores the two worlds, she discovers her ambition to immigrate to the United States and join the US Army. As she navigates extreme challenges of growing up between these two worlds, join Hagar in the second novel of the Nadiri series to discover her journey as she becomes a US Army officer, joins a university in the deep American south, and commissions as an Arab American during the Arab Spring and the rise of the so-called Islamic State.



Quiet Revenge

Dianne Smithwick-Braden


The future of the Paradise Creek Inn is in jeopardy when a paranoid and spiteful guest accuses them of food poisoning. Lizzie and her family redeem themselves only to become suspects in two murders. Wilbarger County Sheriff Wade Adams is forced to hand the case over to Deputy Maddie Clifton. The Deputy is determined to uncover the truth, even if it means arresting Lizzie’s grandmother. 



Ruby Takes Chicago

Diann Floyd Boehm


Ruby Takes Chicago is the sequel to Rise! A Girl's Struggle for More. It's now the 1920s, and a young Ruby Dinsmore leaves her hometown of Oilton, Oklahoma, and heads for Chicago to make her dreams come true. Once in Chicago, Ruby is surprised to learn that, even in a big city, society as a whole is still reluctant to accept women working outside the home. Determined to stay true to herself, she takes on the challenges of life in tumultuous times of Prohibition, protests, and women's rights marches.



Fatal Exam

Alan Burton & Chuck Lanehart


On Monday, December 4, 1967, a body was discovered in the Science Building of the largest university in West Texas. The next day, citizens of Lubbock gathered for the Carol of Lights, an event typically the centerpiece of the holidays for the quiet college town. But in 1967, the normal festive excitement and anticipation were swiftly shattered by the harrowing events that had occurred just twenty-four hours earlier.


For the first time, the account of this shocking murder has been painstakingly reconstructed by Alan Burton and Chuck Lanehart. Piecing together timelines based on interviews, journalists’ archives, courtroom transcripts, and the personal experiences of Lubbockites, Fatal Exam situates the murder, relates the capture, and details the trial of the crime’s perpetrator. Not your standard psychopathic master, the criminal at this tale’s center cuts a challenging profile, and his history shines an unusual light on the criminal justice system.



Final Words



Final Words is a project that addresses the death penalty in the United States as a violation of human rights. Consisting of a collection of government documents relating to the 578 executed Texas inmates, each set of pages reveals a portrait of a life bookended by violence in which final moments are often spent expressing words of love for family and friends, sorrow for victims, and gratitude for life lived. The compilation stands as a stark indictment of a system built by institutions rampant with racism, classism, and sexism. Each entry, each story, each utterance will challenge readers to answer the question: is there room for humanity in the American justice complex?



Girl Among Crows

Brendon Vayo


When two boys vanish from her hometown, Daphne Gauge notices uncanny parallels to her brother’s disappearance 30 years earlier. Symbols of an ancient Norse god. Rumors of a promise to reward the town’s faithful with wealth and power, for a price. She warns her husband that another sacrifice is imminent, but just like last time, no one believes her.


This leaves her with a desperate choice: investigate with limited resources, or give in to the FBI’s request for an interview. For years, they’ve wanted a member of the Gauge family to go on record about the tragedy back in 1988. If she agrees to a deposition now, Daphne must confess her family’s dark secrets. But she also might have one last chance to unmask the killer from back then . . . and now.



Guac, the Avocado Bird

Julie Branch-Evans


In this charming tale from Julie Branch-Evans comes freshly hatched Guac, the one and only avocado bird. Alone without a home, he searches for a place to call his own. When he finds a vacant birdhouse, Guac settles in, happy to hide himself from everyone else, but he's soon joined by many other creatures who are also looking for a place to live. From cats to ferrets, Guac welcomes them in and finds that embracing each of their unique qualities--including his own--makes for a home full of happiness and love.



The Madstone

Elizabeth Crook


With echoes of Lonesome Dove and News of the World, the riveting story of a pregnant young mother, her child, and the frontier tradesman who helps them flee across Texas from outlaws bent on revenge, even as an unlikely love blossoms.



MayBelle and Stella Visit the Oldest Town in Texas

Kimberly Verhines


The mischievous pug sisters, in Kimberly Verhines's Stella and Maybelle Explore the Oldest Town in Texas, take a fascinating romp around the historic sites of Nacogdoches and meet interesting people along the way.



Taming the Divine Heron

Sergio Pitol (Author), George Henson (Translator)


From the famous Mexican author, Sergio Pitol, comes his 1988 classic translated by George Henson. Taming the Divine Heron tells the semi-autobiographical story of a novelist working on his newest masterpiece. The protagonist struggles to tell the perfect story--his own imagined protagonists mere imitations of the likes of Lord Jim and Alyosha Karamavoz. To help eradicate writer's block, Pitol uses his vessel to praise his own favorite authors. Pitol applauds Bakhtin's world building, Gogol's "carnivalesque [literary] breath," and Dante's dizzying intensity. The character finds a muse in Marietta Karapetiz, whom he aptly dubs Dante C. de la Estrella, and the two debate the literary greats.



Today, Tonight, Forever

Madeline Kay Sneed


One wedding weekend means one dramatic reunion for two families in this bighearted ensemble cast novel about love and forgiveness.



Under the Same Roof

Niobia Bryant


He was hired to uncover the truth about a stolen family heirloom, not seduce the prime suspect…

His mission to uncover the truth about a priceless stolen necklace takes PI Tremaine Knowles into the warring heart of the notorious Del Rio family. Stunning antiques collector Alisha Winters, daughter of the Del Rios’ rivals, could be the key to solving the case.

Proving she has nothing to hide, Alisha invites Tremaine into her home. Being in intimate contact unleashes a passion that forces Tremaine to make an impossible choice. Is he in bed with the enemy? Or is Alisha an innocent pawn in a scandalous, century-old feud?



Weight of the Badge

Becki Willis


Madison deCordova is tackling one of her strangest ‘cases’ yet. An unidentified woman contacts In a Pinch, asking Madison to warn someone of impending danger. The problem? She’s not sure who the intended victim is. The only thing she’s certain of is the perpetrator: herself. She hangs up before giving her name. Something about the call sends chills down Maddy’s spine, especially with the recent hostility against law officers.




There are so many Texas-connected books publishing this month that we couldn’t feature all of them. The following books also publish in November:



Apple Black: Holy Spectre by Odunze Oguguo

The Astral Tower by Blaise Ramsay

Best Wishes: Time After Time by Sarah Mlynowski & Christina Soontornvat

Counting on Shabbat by Nancy Churnin

The Dirty Parts of the Bible by Sam Torode

Izzy goes to Egypt by Peggy K. Comer

Judah Starweaver and the Way of Dragons by Tamara Grantham

Must Love Pets by Saadia Faruqi

Of Sea and Smoke by Gillian Bronte Adams

Pyroclast (The Thirteen Origins) by Frederick Luis Aldama

The Queer Girl is Going to Be OK by Dale Walls 

Steelwing by Matthew Rollins

Valentines for All by Nancy Churnin

Witch Hunter Extraordinaire by Sarah Noffke and Michael Anderle



All Trails Lead to Houston: Riding to the Rodeo by Ray Viator 

Childhood Narcissism: Strategies to Raise Unselfish, Unentitled, and Empathetic Children by Dr. Mary Ann Little

Destiny Lives on Fairhaven Street by C J Hudson

The Drive-In: Outdoor Cinema in 1950s America and the Popular Imagination by Guy Barefoot

Fiestas in Laredo by Norma E. Cantu

Fort Worth Then: The Art of Samuel P. Ziegler by Scott Grant Baker and Gregory H Dow

Friedrichsburg by Friedrich Armand Strubberg & James C. Kearney

The Garza War in South Texas by Thomas Ty Smith

Gather 'Round: Gatherings in Texas and the Southwest by Kristina Downs

Jokes from a Humorless Machine by Preston Lewis and Harriet Lewis

My Name is B-1259: I Survived Nine Nazi Concentration Camps by Michael Brown

The Return Trip by Maya Golden

Selling the Humanities: Essays by Jeffrey R. Di Leo 

A Super Collider of Zigs and Zags by Brendon Behlke

A Tale from the Raincheck Room by John A. Brock

Task Force Hogan: The World War II Tank Battalion That Spearheaded the Liberation of Europe by William Hogan

Texas Almanac 2024–2025 by Rosie Hatch

Texas Gemstones by Elbert A. King

Texas Limericks: From Abbott to Zephyr by Greg Young

The Unknown Face by Gregory Duncan

Unsettled Joy by J.L. Wright

We Want Better Education by James Barrera 

The World We Know: The Impact of Perception and Empathy on Our Shared Reality by Sheryle Gillihan



Aftermath by Lisa Harris

Billy the Kid and the Lazarus Stone by Kevin Lucia

Coaching Fire by Victoria Laurie

Girl's School by L.J. Breedlove

Homecoming Chaos by D.W. Brooks

The Legacy by C.L. Tolbert

Legacy of Evil by James Peyton

Lola Baby by Melissa Bourbon

Rained Out and Other Texas Holiday Disasters by M.R. Dimond

The Salty Iguana by Bill King

Six Spent Nights by Luana Ehrlich

Turkey, Thievery, and Twins by Brittany E. Brinegar

Unknown Rider by Jack Stewart

Who Framed Flora? by Vera Day



Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord by Celeste Connally

An Amish Christmas Gift by Beth Wiseman

Austin Heat: The One that Got Away by Amari Nylix

Balancing Act by Emily March

The Bear by Hildie McQueen

The Billionaire Cowgirl's Christmas by Kris Bock

Cabin Crush by Kasey Stockton

Chasing Sunsets by Tess St. John

Christmas Beach Proposal by Lori Wilde & Susan Sands

Cloudy with a Chance of Family by Olivia Sands

Clown Motel by Lani Lynn Vale

Cosmic Crush by Clio Evans

Courageous Touches by Ginny Sterling

Cowboy Single Dad Crush for Christmas by Jo Grafford

Daisy's Christmas Escape by Allison Wells

Deadly Sabotage by Elizabeth Goddard

Forever Festive: A Healing Hearts and Flyboys Christmas Holiday Reunion by Ginny Sterling

Gingerbread Hearts by Hope August

Heart Like A Cowboy by Delores Fossen

Heartstrings and Hidden Gold by Katie Wyatt

Her Christmas Healing by Mindy Obenhaus

Hibiscus Christmas by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Highland Skies by C.A. Szarek

I'll Be Home for Christmas by Sylvia McDaniel

Investigating the Duke by Alexa Aston

Just One Shot by Chris Keniston

Keeping A Little Secret by Cynthia St. Aubin

Lionhearted & Christmas Guardian by Diana Palmer & Delores Fossen

Losing My Breath by J. Rose Black

Maid for Mistletoe Mix-Up by Hope August

Mail Order Muse by Kirsten Osbourne

Marry & Bright by Teri Wilson

Mistletoe Masquerade by Hope August

Murder in Texas by Barb Han

My Forbidden Texan by Dakota Lacoy

Not Until the End by Valerie M. Bodden

November is for Nate by Eve London & Dylann Crush

Once Upon a Charming Bookshop by Heatherly Bell

A Perfect Christmas Kiss by Lori Wilde 

Protecting Paris by Anna Brooks

The Rancher's Unwanted Wife by Marian Tee

Ranger Integrity by Lynn Shannon

Sarah and a Texas Christmas by G.N. Lewis

The Skeptic by Kelly Fox

Small Town Style by Jenna Brandt

Sound of a Voice That is Still by PG Forte

Stories from Juniper Falls by A.T. Butler

Travis: Firebrand Cowboys by Barb Han

Vicki's Vows by Kirsten Osbourne

What's Santa Got To Do With It by Bix Barrow

A Wish for the Single Dad Flyboy by Ginny Sterling

A Wish for the Single Dad Veteran by Kristen Iten

Wright Together by K.A. Linde



The American Countess by Linda Bennett Pennell

Crossing Darkness by Alexander Juden

The Edentians by Gissele Trussell

For Roger by Laura Drake

The Frontier Overland Company by William Johnstone & J.A. Johnstone

Fruit of the Poison Tree by Lisa Compton

Harrier 3: Invastion by Jaime Castle & CJ Valin

The Mustangers by Preston Lewis

Poseidon's Atlantis Adventure by Grace Blair

Principality Wars: Weapon of War by Alethea Stauron

The Quill & Key Society by Katherine H. Brown

Someone Always Nearby by Susan Wittig Albert

System Collapse by Martha Wells

Timber: U.S. Marshal: Gone To Texas by Robert Hanlon

The Ways of Water by Teresa H. Janssen


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