Austin SCBWI introduces a fun, bookish opportunity for librarians, parents, and children

Twenty books have been chosen for the readathon, including picture books, middle grade and young adult.


The readathon is designed to promote literacy and introduce readers to local authors. Participating libraries get ten percent off one author visit with each participating author, and libraries and readers can win prizes.


Twenty books have been chosen for the readathon, including picture books, middle grade, and young adult.


How It Works:


 • Check out the list of twenty books, including picture books, middle grade and young adult.

• Each book will have a question.

• Read each book to find the answers and submit them in the form at this link.

• Each reader gets one point for each correctly answered question.

• Read all the books in one category or read them all (note appropriate age groups).

• Libraries get one point for each reader entry that names them. Librarians, tell your readers to submit your library on their entry form.

• Prizes will be given for the readers with the most books read for each age group.

• A prize will be given to the library with the most overall readers.

• Contest submissions will end December 1, 2019


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