Twig Bookstore partners with literary activist collecting book donations

The Twig Bookstore in San Antonio is partnering with 600 Books of Hope in a books donation drive for Uvalde students.


All books found on this page and purchased from the The Twig Book Shop links will be held at the store for pickup and distribution by e.E. Charlton-Trujillo.



Texas author's idea rallies book creators, educators, and publishers to support Uvalde children


San Antonio, Texas, May 31, 2022 -- Author and youth literacy activist e.E. Charlton-Trujillo launched 600 Books of Hope May 27th under the umbrella of their San Antonio-based nonprofit Never Counted Out. The campaign offers authors, illustrators, publishers, and people far and wide an opportunity to shine a light into the darkness of the Uvalde tragedy with book donations.


The initial goal was to collect 600 new books for the kids of Robb Elementary School, followed by an additional 1,300 more books for the remaining Uvalde grade schools. That goal has now expanded to books for middle grade and high school readers.


“The response has been inspiring. People across America, from Canada, and the UK have empowered our heartfelt effort. Some sharing their own stories of grief and connection to gun violence. Others wanting, as Mr. Rogers taught us, to be a helper.”


The idea of 600 Books of Hope came while Trujillo shared their feelings of sadness and overwhelm with author and story activist G. Neri. He encouraged Trujillo to do what they do best. Shine a light into the darkness with story. That conversation, coupled with an article about Uvalde’s public library’s decision to keep the doors open the day after the tragedy, inspired Trujillo to action.


With the support of Trujillo's agent, Erin Murphy, fellow author Pat Zietlow Miller, and members of the Las Musas collective, 600 Books of Hope took flight on Twitter. With generous donations from Candlewick Press, Chronicle Books, Cameron Kids-Abrams, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House, and Simon and Schuster along with people far and wide, 600 Books of Hope will likely be able to offer every school-age child in Uvalde a book.


Through a partnership with the El Progreso Memorial Library and the San Antonio nonprofit Family Service, Trujillo plans to distribute the books with regional authors and illustrators joining them for an in-person event. “Those of us who write and/or illustrate books for kids often do school visits. We’ve seen the power of our showing up, and we want to extend that to the young people of Uvalde. They are who we create for.”


To be a part of 600 Books of Hope, visit Trujillo's website, fill out the donation form, and additional information will follow.