Books that otherwise meet our qualifications but are not selected for a focus review—or not scheduled soon enough to meet the publisher’s goals for promotion or visibility—may qualify for a paid review sponsored by publisher or author.

1. Please review the guidelines (pdf) for books that LSLL does not review.

2. Complete the online submission form and upload your digital file along with payment information.

3. Your review will be complete in about 4 weeks, and a proof will be submitted to you via email.

4. Please check your review promptly for accuracy of facts and spelling, and approve it for publication as is or as revised.

5. Because all our reviews strive for objective, fair assessment, inevitably not all reviews will be favorable (or perceived as such). With every book we review we strive to identify strengths as well as weaknesses, and we expect there will be quotable material in every review. But if your paid review does not meet your goals for any reason, you may choose to withhold it from publication, retaining the review for your own use and learning. You will be allowed to keep it and share it with others, though not to cite it as published in Lone Star Literary Life.

6. When your approved review appears in Lone Star Literary Life, we encourage you to promote it widely. Excerpt quotable snippets from it for your website, for, Goodreads, and the like, and even in your email signature. Plan to use it in and on your next book. You’ll have a web link that’s easy shared on social media as well. Use your review to leverage other coverage and to influence bookseller and library purchases, book club adoption, and event and award selection.

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